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Academic Projects with In- Depth Training

Academic Projects with In- Depth Training

Your Search for Project ends here! Come and join us for Real Time Project Exposure with In-Depth Training.

ACADEMIC PROJECTS: In Today\'s job market where there is increasing number of jobs every day, the best source of getting some good hands on for an IT professional is the final year project.


Mobile applications ( J2ME )
Embedded System

Our standard approach to project guidance starts with In-Depth Training, Project SDLC, Documentation etc. The project related activities will begin half way through the course and would further be planned to complete on/before the scheduled time deadline.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Academic and Industrial Projects

Project : #1
Title: Project Management System
Platform: Windows 2003
Technologies: 1.1 using C# and 2003, SQL Server Reporting Service, SQL Server 2000
Team size : 2

The Project aims to manage any generic project which can be split up in to well define tasks.

Administrator is the super user and is responsible for creating projects in to system. Each project is assigned Project leader, who is responsible for creating tasks, managing team and assigning tasks to team members. Team member in turn can create jobs for each of the tasks assigned by project leader. Each job team member create should have some weight toward entire task, which is assigned by team member in consultation with reviewer. On the daily basis each team member reports their progress on jobs. Using weighted average, entire project progress is calculated.

Apart from managing projects, system allows to interact and collaborate with team mates using built in mail system.

Task Alert Engine which runs entirely on different machine continuously scans progress of tasks and their deadlines. Deadline reminder is sent to team members, project leaders and reviewers before the customized days for each project.

Project : #2
Title: Central Excise Bond System
Platform: Windows 2000 Professional
Technologies: 1.1 using, SQL Server 2000
Team size : 3

Central Excise Bond System is a generalized Module to maintain smooth flow of Excise related activities in an organization.

System incorporates both formulation plants’ and API plants’ excise related activities. It involves Issue and Receipts transactions for Raw Materials, samples and finished goods. When Raw material is received, an excise credit is availed and amount is to be credited. When finished goods or raw material is issued out of organization premises excise has to be debited form available credit.

System aimed to generate stock reports, excise invoice, PLA register, RG23A-II, RG23C-II reports, etc

Project : #3
Title: Websites for Educational Institutes and Society
Platform: Windows XP
Technologies: 1.1 using, SQL Server 2000
Team size : 7
Web Links:

The aim of website is to provide information about colleges, society and its contributions. Since website is dynamic in nature, administrator can manage the content of websites through interface provided.

General information provided on the sites includes faculty details, students’ achievements, admission procedures, latest news and events etc

Project : #4
Title: GWSSB Scheme Tracking System
Platform: Windows 2000 Professional
Technologies:, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server Reporting Service, Visual Basic
Team size : 3

This Project is about a web based local intranet system which maintains record of geography of Gujarat State in terms of Zones, Districts, Blocks, Panchayats, Villages, Habitations and concerned Assemblies.

System aims to record water source level in different habitations along with population details, and its coverage status. Major task of the system is to track water supply schemes status.

System generates on demand statistical reports like Quality Problems, Scheme details, coverage status and action plan report.
Project : #5
Title: Real time computer based mock stock exchange game
Platform: Windows 2000 Professional
Technologies: ASP, Visual Basic, SQL Server 2000
Team size : 5

Stock exchange game was a though to be played in Synergy Marketing fair, organized every year in premises of H.L. College campus.

Game initially gives notion money to every player. Player can buy or sell shares based upon their predictions and flashed rumors. Game has 15 virtual days and every day share prices change, which results in to profit or loss in user’s portfolio. Game allows user to get extra money from banks on interest. On the end of 15th day, user having maximum cash on hand or portfolio is declared winner.

Project : #6
Title: Inventory Control System
Platform: Windows XP
Technologies: Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Crystal Report 8.5
Team size : 1
Award: Awarded best code of the month on and placed on first page of Hall of fame-Visual Basic section.
Project : #7
Title: Automated Time Table Management System
Platform: Window 2000 Professional
Technologies: Visual Basic, SQL Server, Microsoft Transaction Server(MTS), Crystal Repot 8.5
Team size : 3

Automated Time Table Management System generates intelligent time table that manages faculty work loads on the basis of lecture requirements.

System allows entering course details, years and semester details, visiting faculty preferences and subject load per week by respective faculties. Based on input data, engine generates time table with shared work load. System is customized to set working days and number of lectures per day.

Client part installed on each faculty desk gives reminder for the next lecture before customized period of time

Project : #8
Title: Cyber Café Management System
Platform: Window XP
Technologies: Visual Basic, SQL Server, Crystal Report 8.5
Team size : 1

Project : #9
Title: Reporting System as a Part of ESS Department
Client : Agakhan Education Service, Ahmedabad
Platform: Windows 2000 Professional
Technologies: Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Crystal Report 8.5
Team size : 2

Monday, November 3, 2008

What is SaaS?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is an application hosted on a remote server and accessed through the Internet.

A simple and concrete example of SaaS are the "free" email (also called web-based email) systems offered on the Internet such as Microsoft Hotmail, G-mail and Yahoo Mail. Each program meets the basic criteria of an SaaS application: a vendor (Microsoft, Google or Yahoo) hosts all of the programs, logic and data in a central location and provides end users access to this data and the software which is run and used over the world-wide web.

This "simple" application architecture can then be applied to a wide range of software applications for use by either business enterprises or individual end-users.